6 Google Analytics reports to take note of.

Google analytics reports can give a lot of data, but without proper interpretation, it is difficult to make sense out of the data. Here are some of the reports every marketer should extract from Google analytics, and use the report to improve their marketing strategy.

Customer acquisition report

The customer acquisition report gives an indication of how customers are landing on your page and what channels are contributing the most to customer acquisition. The process of customer acquisition is expensive, both in money and time. Thus, as a marketer, you need to identify which channels are the most effective ones, so you can focus on them. The different channels like social media, SEO, organic search, and referrals are measured to determine the best one.

Content marketing reports.

Content is still king in the world of digital marketing. Various content techniques give different output to a company. Thus, as a marketer, your interest is to understand which content appeals most to your customers. Whether it is videos, memes, infographic, articles, or any other. Once you understand the impact of each content marketing strategy on your overall marketing strategy, you can understand how to combine them to come up with the best overall digital marketing strategy.

Keyword analytics reports

Keywords are very important in getting your site visible and ranking high on Google search results. However, keywords marketing is a fast-changing concept, and it is hard to tell the best combination of keywords for higher ranking. Google analytics reports can unravel this for you. The reports show the effectiveness of each combination of keywords in getting a higher ranking, hence you can change, edit and adjust your keywords to get the best ranking.

New-versus returning visitor report

This report helps you distinguish between new and returning visitors to your site. Getting visitors to visit your site is a good thing but getting a visitor to return to your site is even better because it means your visitors find your content relevant. With this report, you can adjust the content, marketing approach and other aspects of your website so that you can not only attract visitors to your site but get them to return.

Landing pages report

So how do your visitors land at your page? It is through typing the websites URL, social media sharing, search engine optimization, referrals or organic search? Visitors land on your page through different channels and your interest as a marketer is to understand the most effective one so that you can focus on improving it. For instance, if a small percentage of visitors’ land through Google search, then you can embark on an aggressive search engine optimization strategy to improve your visibility and ranking on Google search.

Bounce rate and exit rate reports

It is good to get visitors to your site, but it is even better to get them glued to your site long enough for them to take an action. With this report, you get to understand how to keep your visitors long enough on your site for them to sign-up, buy a product, share your site on social media or any other action.

Thus, online marketing is one of the most important marketing concepts that can take your brand to the next level. Use the tips to make the most out of your Google analytics reports and design a marketing strategy that meets your organizational objectives. However, if you outsource your SEO efforts to an SEO agency, they are likely to provide you with their own reports. Ensure that you cross check their reports with these reports to ensure that you are getting the same results.