Print advertising vs Digital advertising

Obviously, there has been a broad trend towards digital media over the course of the past twenty years. However, there are still companies that rely on print media. This should show people that print advertising still has some value these days. In fact, print advertising still has a lot of advantages over digital advertising for a lot of reasons.


  • People are bombarded with digital media all the time, and this can make individual digital media advertisements more visible than individual print advertisements.

Many people will just ignore digital advertisements. They just see them all too often. It’s possible to advertise at such a fast rate using the Internet that people more or less learn to ignore all of the digital advertisements that they encounter. This is less likely to happen with print advertisements, which will almost always be presented in a manner that allows individual print advertisements to be much more visible to everyone.


  • Digital advertisements can be blocked with software today very easily.

People in many different industries are talking about how difficult it is to advertise online today. The AdBlocker apps have created many new advertising challenges. Other forms of software have been just as bad. There are few equivalents for print advertising. People may actually be more likely to engage with print advertising in a world where digital advertisements are easily blocked. Print advertisements certainly had historical staying power for a reason. They may have even more staying power in the modern media climate


  • Print advertising is paradoxically becoming more original and noteworthy than digital advertising in the modern world, given the saturation of digital advertising today.

This is a phenomenon that is seen over and over again. Older media forms start to become charming in a world that is so used to the newer media forms. Writing a letter to a network executive today has more of an impact than it used to, since fewer people will physically write letters in a world of email. Print advertising occupies a similar cultural space today. Digital advertisements can easily blur together. Print advertisements are now becoming special and traditional, and this gives them a unique emotional appeal.


  • Digital advertisements often have to be searched for directly or indirectly, while print advertisements can be presented right to customers in a way that will have more of an impact.

People will often just come across digital advertisements today. They will be performing an Internet search of some kind and they will reach the advertisement from there. This is a passive form of advertising and it gives consumers a lot of power. Advertising through printing is different. People who use this form of advertising have more control of the situation. Their individual advertisements can have more of an effect on that basis alone.

It should be pointed out that digital advertising and print advertising are both viable. Ideally, a marketing plan will include both print and digital advertising today. Marketers should use all of the tools available to them at this point in time. Ensure you are getting the best quality of printed materials by using the most reliable printing company in the business.