Reasons why photobooths fail

Photo booths have evolved to provide a bigger, better, and memorable experience. Today’s photo booths are sophisticated and provide a picturesque opportunity unlike the traditional ones used for taking passport photos. Perhaps this explains why you will certainly find a photo booth at a wedding, birthday parties, conventions, and corporate events among others. Naturally, people love photos and giving them a good scenery increases further, their appetite for taking photos to keep memories of that treasured moment.

There has, however, been a decline in the use of photo booths due to technological advancement in mobile phones, need to be self-reliant among people, poor perception about photography, and lack of promotion to boost use of professional cameras in taking photos by camera makers. I mean, if we all stop buying cameras just because our phones can take photos, when will professional cameras be put to work?


Just because a phone has a camera, it is enough justification to be self-contained on matters photography. What many people do not realize is that phone cameras have limited megapixels and cannot produce good quality photos like a professional camera in a photo booth would. People end up having poor quality photos just because they want to be self-reliant on technology. Most people also want to be digital and thus avoid having to keep copies of printed pictures just because they can have the convenience of walking around with their photo albums. Very few of us have a photo album or even came across one in the recent past.

Phone companies are developing improved cameras to lure more users into taking photos using their mobile phones by improving on their photograph taking abilities. Enhanced photography ability in mobile phones serves to entrench the self-sufficient feeling among many people. Camera maker should promote the taking of photos using professional cameras among users by clearly explaining the technical details in more straightforward terms and not leave users to find out the differences on their own. Aggressive promotion of cameras will communicate real benefits of photography using cameras which would help in increasing demand for photo booths.


Most people would want to have their photos shot in a unique place hard to find similar to another person’s. Photo booths lack variety which makes photography dull. Most people want to have their photos taken in a background of their choice. Photo booths can provide a rich background experience by having a variety of backgrounds in their backdrop thus offering a rich selection to rival a real-world experience.

Ability to Capture Moments as they are Happening

Photo booths cannot capture moments as they are happening, for instance, the entrance of the bridal party in the church. Photos taken without one posing are rich in memories since they tend to be more real than planned photos. Most people want their events covered with photography that provides continuity which is lacking in photo booths. Photo booth operators should complement photography experience by taking still photos as events unfold to ensure continuity in event coverage.