Social Media Marketing Tips for Auto Dealerships

While many of us grew up on those late-night television ads for local car dealerships that promised the moon in loud sports jackets, the world has changed since those days. Today if you see an ad for a car dealership at all, it usually will point you to their website.

Social media and other members of the internet club are now the best way to search for the information you need to decide on the car you want to buy. We know it, car dealerships know it and more and more of them are turning to various social media from Facebook posts to automotive direct mail in the form of newsletters to reach out. But with all this information at our fingertips, what kind of social media marketing really works for your friendly neighborhood auto dealership? Here are a few tips to familiarize you with what you can expect to see in the near future.

Getting Social with You

Of course, if you have recently been up on the internet looking at various car manufacturers websites because you are thinking it is time to buy a new car, you are also a target for folks at Facebook and other social media sites. While Facebook is the biggest search data maven of the social media family, they aren’t alone. The kind of data that can be pulled from the users of sites like these is just the start when it comes to using Big Data sources to track users.

They will pay attention to what you look at, and how long you look at it. This kind of data is valuable to dealerships who want to know what kind of car you are thinking of buying. Your next visit to your favorite social media site just might point you to that local dealership that sells the cars you have been investigating. It is no coincidence that they also can help you out with special prices, statistics and lots of ads that relate to that goal.

Info in your Inbox

Once you have walked in the door, or even simply gone on their site, you may find yourself being offered a weekly, monthly or maybe even quarterly newsletter from the local dealership. If you are in the market for a new car, this might even actually be helpful. After all, what could be better than having the latest information on what is being offered locally right there at your fingertips?

Dealerships are getting smarter these days about defining just who they send these updates to, and what kind they send them. If you bought a car before from them, you may receive a newsletter that is dovetailed for you, with lots of information about service recalls, what you need to have looked after on your car, and the new models that are coming out soon in case you want to trade up.

Modern Dealerships Love Social Media

Of course, it is obvious from this that many of today’s best auto dealerships make good use of social media when it comes to connecting with that next customer. Whether it is finding the young couple who are looking for that first SUV or the senior wanting a camper van to explore the wide-open road, they know what you want. The reason they do is that you have told them, through your own use of social media. That may not be the horrible thing you think it is if it gets you want you want, though.