Some Unique Gift Ideas for Him during the Holidays

Have you started planning for the Holidays and mostly about the presents? Here we have handpicked some of the best gifts that you can consider buying for your father, husband, boyfriend or son this Christmas and be the lucky one to see the priceless smile they will wear after opening the box.

  1. Vacation tickets- If you really want to surprise the most important man in your life- you can take a chance to present him tickets to the destination where he longed for a vacation. Maybe this will be a costly affair, still if you think the present will make your father or husband the happiest man on earth after holding the tickets- you can get that for them.
  1. The long-awaiting book- Maybe a rare book that he always wanted to have on his desk. Find that and wrap it for him for the Yule present. Books are man’s best friend indeed. Those who are voracious readers and admirers of some amazing authors of specific genres, they would always appreciate having a book more than anything else as a gift.


  1. Abstract gift ideas- If the list of the amazing novelty gifts is roaming in your head for a long time, you can get your boyfriend or brother a cool novelty gift like a customised coffee mug, key chain, name-engraved bath suite or towel for fun.
  1. Gadgets- If your husband or son is a gadget freak, get them the latest video game, or the smartphone. Garget geeks always appreciate getting the electronic devices as presents such as a laptop, electronic pen, tablet, etc. If your guy is more into music, get him a karaoke machine ensuring high quality audio.


  1. Video game- Though, kids of this generation love playing the games online but there are still the gamer champions who love to play their favourite game on the huge flat TV panel with the a popular video game joystick in their clutch. So, if your kid wants to get such an amazing gift this Yule, do not disappoint him/her if you can afford it.
  1. Gifts for the teenagers- Now this is one of the greatest challenges that most parents come across while selecting the gifts for their growing kids. You can get them a new smartphone, a tab or a new laptop. Books are also great. You can think of buying them movie tickets or the passes for their favorite cricket matches. Otherwise, check some other gift ideas to make them feel special.