Through the Ages Advertising Has Seen Massive Changes

Since times immemorial, advertising has always been there in some form or the other. Initially, while word of mouth was the only option of advertising, lately any topics related to SEO, adwords, PPC, social media, marketing and all others have helped it to spread a brand effectively. Advertising is a very important tool of marketing and if it is used properly, chances are that a corporation can gain massively out of it as has been displayed many times and many companies. The brand value of a product increases manifold due to advertising and it all depends how well a campaign is rolled out. We look here through time the shifts that advertizing has faced and what all remains in it for the new age businesses.

  • Initial age was all about word of mouth – The initial ages of marketing was all about the word of mouth. As a person liked a product, it used to be highlighted by him and the subsequent ones, thereby forming a chain as there were no clear ways or mass contact media that could be used to effectively spread the word. People used to rely on each other for any sort of information and the system was quite slow and not so reliable. Anyway, word of mouth grew in popularity but at the same time there were always enough skeptics for it at the time.
  • The medieval age saw mostly paper ads – The medieval ages saw the entry of newspapers and magazines where people would read a lot and get information regarding products and services. All sorts of information related to a product could be achieved through newspapers and magazines. Pamphlets were also used at that time quite a lot so that people could be made more aware. Advertisement processes were slow and there was always enough risk so that if any negative campaign started against a product or service, clarification used to take a long time to reach the target audience and by that time, damage would have been done.
  • Television was also a good medium – After this, the television age came in which advertisements were moving visuals and quite discreet and also it reached a substantial number of people with ease. The glossiness quotient somewhat came into the picture with the advent of television, so that people would start identifying them with a particular brand. Brand-building, therefore, somewhat started with this age. However, like all the earlier advertisement periods, this was also more of a one way process in which the target audience could not be contacted directly for his feedback. Getting reviews and feedbacks was always an issue with this media too.
  • 21st century has changed the outlook – The late nineties and 21st century, to be precise saw the digital age advertising which was more directed and precise because of the aid of the most wanted SEO companies in Melbourne. Many advertising tools also came to the fore. Any topics related to SEO, adwords, PPC, social media, marketing were related to advertising of some form or the other. It also gives the customers a choice.

Therefore, advertising has seen tectonic shift through the ages. The recent form of advertising that we see has undergone a sea change from its earlier avatars. More change is inevitable but the one at present is quite attractive and useful for customers.