Top 5 Locations for Outdoor Security Cameras

If you have picked a surveillance system for your home, it means you are aware of its benefits. The effectiveness of even the best of the security camera is influenced by how and where it is placed. It will work optimally when it is placed in the right location and is updated to deal with the latest vulnerabilities. Hikvision releases malware information on a regular basis to keep their customers updated on the same.

Let us see the best 5 locations for placing your outdoor security cameras.

  1. Front Door: To protect your home, you need to secure all entries and the front door is one of the major ones. Place a camera in such a way that it focuses on the front door. It should be high enough so as not to be accessible to burglars or peeping toms but should be visible to scare off the potential intruders.
  1. Backdoor: If you have any backdoor entrance, it should be protected too by placing a camera. Again, the placement should be such that it covers the entire entrance but be out of reach so that the intruder cannot mess around with it.
  1. Off-Street Window: Often, the burglars look for an entrance that is not directly in view from the street to avoid getting caught. Thus, it is important to cover the rear windows of the house with a camera view. This helps in nabbing an intruder even if he is out of view of the street.
  1. Backyard and Side Gate: It’s not necessary that the burglar will enter the house as often we leave stuff like kids’ bikes or garden equipment in the backyard or front lawn. To safeguard that, you need to have a surveillance camera with a night vision feature covering these areas.
  1. Basement Stairs: If you have a basement in your house then you need to make sure that no one uses it to intrude in your home. The basement area often has an access door or a window that is large enough to crawl through. A burglar can make use of it to get in and work his way up to your home. Place a camera leading from the basement to your home to keep a check on that entry option.

All the outdoor cameras should have night vision feature to enable recording all around the clock.