What Are the Latest Trends in Office Ergonomic Solutions?

Ergonomics is an essential study when it comes to improving the efficiency of workforce. Once every few months, the office ergonomic solutions change their trends. These solutions improve the workforce efficiency and the employees become more willing to come and work for the company.

Here are few of the latest trends in office ergonomics solutions:

  • Sit Stand Desks:

Most of us work an 8-hour shift and all we do is sitting in one position all day. Studies have shown that having a sitting job makes you lethargic and lazy and shortens your lifespan drastically. If you have a sitting job as well, then this office ergonomic solution is for you. You can fit a sit stand desk on top of your regular desk and alternate between sitting and standing. The sit stand desk is easily adjustable, especially the sit stand desks at Primecables.com. Within 3 seconds, you would be standing and your work won’t be affected at all.

  • Projector and Speaker Mounts:

Long gone are the days where you had to give a presentation by adjusting the screen and the heavy portable projector. With the help of projector mounts, you can fix the projector in the conference room and easily give presentations. With the help of speaker mounts, you can set the speakers in convenient locations and use them to make your presentation even more realistic and presentable.

  • Phone and Tablet Mounts:

For those who need to constantly test applications or UI on different devices, it is tough to manage all the devices. This creates frustration, which in turn leads to loss of efficiency. Simple phone and tablet mounts are now being used to make the management of different devices easy for the testers.

  • Ergonomic Footrests:

The sit stand desks should generally be accompanied with footrests. Both sitting and standing for long hours can be tiring and hence loss of efficiency is clearly possible. Having footrests that are adjustable and of various shapes and sizes help tremendously. These footrests keep your feet relaxed and in turn keep the entire body functioning at the optimum level.

These four trends in the ergonomics of offices can be seen in various offices around the world. They highly improve the efficiency of the workforce and even the workforce doesn’t dread coming to work. They enjoy working in companies that take care of all their needs.